Black Swan Graphene enters agreement with Hubron International

Black Swan Graphene has announced a commercial agreement with Hubron International, specializing in customized solutions in plastic masterbatch and conductive compound manufacturing. This strategic partnership is set to fast-track the commercialization of Black Swan's graphene products, leveraging Hubron's 80 years of compounding expertise and market access.

Hubron specializes in black masterbatch production with over 85% of its products exported worldwide. Hubron and Black Swan will explore opportunities to incorporate the use of graphene-enhanced masterbatch for improved functionality where commercially and technically possible. Hubron will also play a crucial role in the manufacturing of graphene enhanced black masterbatch for commercial applications. Black Swan, in turn, will be a preferred provider of graphene for such manufacturing endeavors.


This collaboration is poised to facilitate the integration of graphene into mainstream adoption across automotive, construction, consumer goods, food packaging, and industrial sectors. Hubron's extensive market reach and expertise are expected to drive demand for graphene-enhanced masterbatch and product innovation. The commercial terms of the agreement ensure that products and services exchanged between the two companies will adhere to Hubron's standard terms and conditions, with a commitment from both parties to maintain equitable terms comparable to those offered to their other customers.

Simon Marcotte, Black Swan's President and Chief Executive Officer, commented: "This collaboration marks a transformative moment where the combination of Black Swan's expertise in graphene and Hubron's mastery in black masterbatch production and customer access are expected to fuel a surge in demand across diverse sectors."

Fergus McKendrick, Managing Director at Hubron, added: "Hubron is excited to embark on this groundbreaking journey with Black Swan. Together we aim to set new standards in customized solutions for a sustainable world, redefining possibilities and meeting the evolving needs of industries worldwide."

Posted: Jan 16,2024 by Roni Peleg