Black Swan launches GraphCore family of graphene nanoplatelets products

Black Swan Graphene has announced the commercialization of a new product, the GraphCore family of graphene nanoplatelets products. These products, now in full production volume, are tailored to meet a diverse range of needs within the polymer industry, offering various forms including powders and polymer-ready masterbatches.

According the the Company, in addition to double-digit tensile property improvements with less than 1.0% loading, performance enhancements seen at global customer industrial trials include:

* 25% weight reduction with 1.5% loading in TPU;
* More than 20% impact resistance improvement in PP at 0.2% loading; and
* More than 40% improvement in barrier properties in PLA at 1.0% loading.


Black Swan's graphene enhanced masterbatch products, GraphCore, offer price-performance improvements without any supply chain disruption and are available in volume both directly from Black Swan or through globally represented value-added distributors: Thomas Swan & Co LTD, Gerdau Graphene, and Hubron International. 

Black Swan is now carrying out external industrial trials in masterbatch in a range of different polymers, including TPU, Nylon (PA6/66), PLA, HDPE, LDPE, PET, PC & PP. Please enquire for availability. 

Michael Edwards, Chief Operating Officer of Black Swan, commented: "We are thrilled to introduce our innovative commercial products, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of graphene enhanced masterbatches. After several years of meticulous research and development, we are able to provide the industry with turnkey solutions with constant and reliable results without interrupting our customers' production process."

Fergus McKendrick, Managing Director of Hubron International, commented: "Everyone at Hubron is thrilled to collaborate with Black Swan to introduce this technology to the market through an easy-to-use masterbatch solution in order to capitalize on the unique benefits of graphene. This represents a major advancement in Hubron's strategy of providing Customized Solutions."

Jeff DeWerth, Global Managing Director of Thomas Swan Polymer Performance Solutions Division, said: "After more than a decade of investment by Thomas Swan in graphene technology we are thrilled to reach this pivotal moment where we are witnessing significant performance improvements across various polymers and applications as a result of Black Swan's Graphene Enhanced Masterbatches. Whether the aim is to enhance performance or achieve weight reduction, we look forward to working with leaders in the industry interested in continuing to propel these innovations forward".

Posted: May 01,2024 by Roni Peleg