Graphene Coating: introduction and market status

What is a coating?

A coating is a covering that is applied to the surface of an object. The purpose of applying the coating may be decorative, functional, or both. Coatings are ubiquitous and can be found on walls, furniture, on all sorts of wires and printed circuits, the outside of houses and cars, and much more. In addition, the decorative duties of coatings span quite a broad spectrum.

Decorative coatings are mainly used for their color, texture or other visual property. Functional coatings are applied to change the surface properties of the substrate, such as adhesion, wettability, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and more. In some cases, the coating adds an entirely new property such as a magnetic response or electrical conductivity and forms an essential part of the finished product.

Coatings may be used in various processes, that are roughly divided into: vapor deposition, spraying, chemical and electrochemical techniques, roll-to-roll coating processes and other, less prominent techniques.

What is graphene?

Graphene is a two dimensional layer of carbon atoms, arranged in the form of a honeycomb lattice. It is touted as a “miracle material” because it is endowed with an abundance of astonishing traits - this thin, one atom thick substance is the lightest, strongest, thinnest material known to man, as well as the best heat and electricity conductor ever discovered - and the list does not end there. Graphene is the subject of relentless research and is thought to be able to revolutionize whole industries, as researchers work on many different kinds of graphene-based materials - each one with unique qualities and purpose.

Graphene for coatings

The vast selection of extraordinary properties that graphene possesses can open the door to many interesting types of coatings, paints, inks and more. Graphene's high resistivity can make for durable coatings that do not crack and are resistant to water and oil; its excellent electrical and thermal conductivity can be used to make various conductive paints, and a strong barrier effect can contribute to extraordinary anti-oxidant, scratch-resistant and anti-UVA coatings.

Graphene enables a wide array of functional coatings and paints, for many possible applications. Among these can be high performance adhesives enabled by graphene's high adhesion property, anti-bacterial coatings, solar paints (capable of absorbing solar energy and transmitting it), paints that provide isolation for houses, anti-rust coatings, anti-fog paints and UV ray blockers, non-stick coatings for various domestic applications (like frying pans and countertops) and even a much-hyped possibility (currently under scientific examination) of a coating that turns a regular wall into a screen.

Commercial activity

Graphene-enhanced products are yet to reach widespread commercialization. Nonetheless, given graphene’s impressive array of properties and the vigorous R&D that is taking place, graphene-enhanced coatings should not be too far away.

The Sixth Element Materials, a Chinese company that focuses on R&D, mass production and sales of graphene and related materials, showcased its graphene-zinc anti-corrosion primer used for offshore wind power tower, that can come at a competitive price compared with zinc rich epoxy primer.

Garmor, the University of Central Florida spin-off formed to develop a new graphene oxide flakes production process, has developed graphene oxide-based coatings useful for limiting UV radiation damage to sensors and polymers. Garmor's transparent GO-films are reportedly derived from a commercially-viable and scalable process that can be readily implemented with minimal constraints.

Four layers of GO coating on polycarbonateFour layers of GO coating on polycarbonate

The Spain-based Graphenano announced the launch of a graphene-based series of paints and coatings called Graphenstone in 2014. These are said to be very strong and also acts as a protective layer against environmental damage. Graphenstone is made from a graphene powder and limestone powder.

The British Electro Conductive Products released a sprayable transparent conductive coating based on a CNT and graphene platelets (GNP) hybrid material. TBA are targeting the food, electronics, pharmaceuticals and petrochemicals markets.The new ATEX-compliant product is available as a clear, anti-static aerosol, and it should also be available as bulk paint. Its application will safeguard electronic equipment used in explosive environments and bring it up to European standards.

Further reading


PETRONAS launches ProTough+ to enhance composite material strength

Malaysian energy company PETRONAS has launched its third graphene-based solution, ProTough+,  under its Advanced Materials portfolio to capture new growth opportunities in line with its Energy Transition Strategy.

ProTough+ is an additive that enhances the strength of composite materials by improving their mechanical properties to achieve component light weighting, which is key in manufacturing and delivery of lower carbon solutions such as hydrogen mobility. Tests conducted on carbon fiber reinforced polymers enhanced with ProTough+ reportedly demonstrated an increase of more than 35% in tensile strength. This allows stronger composite parts to be manufactured with less materials, thus supporting fabrication of products that are lighter and more economical. 

Read the full story Posted: Jun 23,2024

Sparc Technologies and 29Metals to test Sparc's Ecosparc graphene coatings

Sparc Technologies has announced the execution of a binding agreement (Trial Agreement) with Golden Grove Operations, a wholly owned subsidiary of 29Metals, an Australian miner of base and precious metals.

The Trial Agreement details the terms and conditions under which Sparc and 29Metals will conduct a collaborative field trial involving the application of an ecosparc-enhanced coating on steel processing plant infrastructure at the Golden Grove mine site in Western Australia. Ecosparc is the Company's flagship graphene based additive product.

Read the full story Posted: Jun 20,2024

Gerdau Graphene launches 'NanoCORR Shield' graphene-enhanced anti-corrosion additive for solvent-based paints

Gerdau Graphene has announced the availability of NanoCORR Shield, the newest product from its G2D NanoCORR line of anti-corrosion paints and coatings additives. Developed with Gerdau Graphene's exclusive G2D technology, NanoCORR Shield is a graphene-enhanced chemical additive designed to increase the corrosion resistance of solvent-based paints and coatings. NanoCORR Shield has demonstrated a 30-70% increase in corrosion resistance when subjected to salt spray testing.

The addition of a small amount of specially-developed graphene into paints and coatings allows for an increase in the barrier effect against corrosive elements such as water, oxygen, and chlorides. In addition, NanoCORR reduces paint consumption by reducing the nominal thickness of the coating while maintaining the paint or coatings' other characteristics and performance properties.

Read the full story Posted: Jun 13,2024

Sparc Technologies announces field trial for its graphene-enhanced Ecosparc coating with South Australian DIT

Sparc Technologies has announced the commencement of ecosparc (its flagship graphene-based additive product) field trials with the South Australian Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT).

The steel piles for the Streaky Bay Jetty remediation project have been delivered to DIT for blasting and coating. Sparc has provided both the ecosparc-enhanced and control coating to DIT and agreed the arrangement of the steel piles on the project. 

Read the full story Posted: May 31,2024

Finnlines adopts GIT Coatings' graphene-based hard foul release hull coating across its fleet

Finnlines, a leading shipping operator of freight and passenger services, has partnered with GIT Coatings to accelerate its decarbonization efforts by adopting XGIT-FUEL, an innovative graphene-based hard foul release hull coating, across its ro-ro and ro-pax fleets. 

Starting with their first vessel in 2022, Finnlines has already applied this high-performance hull coating to four vessels as part of a recently signed fleet agreement, reducing fuel consumption and emissions by around 7% compared to previously used coating.

Read the full story Posted: May 09,2024

GIT Coatings partners with WEG to strengthen each other’s marine coating products

Brazil-based WEG Coatings and Canada-based GIT Coatings have entered an agreement to strengthen each other’s marine coating product offerings across international markets.

The partnership between GIT and WEG builds on a shared vision of innovation that increases marine shipping efficiency at reduced costs while reaffirming their commitment to sustainability. Both companies will leverage each other’s strengths and expertise to enhance product offerings and provide tailored solutions to their customers. This collaboration highlights GIT’s exponential growth as an innovative and sustainable graphene-based solutions provider helping ship owners looking to reduce their fuel costs and reduce their carbon footprint.

Read the full story Posted: Apr 05,2024

Sparc and DIT to test graphene coatings on steel infrastructure

Sparc Technologies and the South Australian Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT) have announced they will be trialing the Company’s ecosparc graphene enhanced coatings on steel infrastructure such as bridges and jetties in Australia. The parties have signed a trial agreement under which Sparc and the DIT will conduct collaborative field trials at the West Beach Bridge in Adelaide and the Streaky Bay Jetty on the Eyre Peninsula.

The DIT has approximately $45 billion in assets with the supply of the ecosparc enhanced expected imminently.

Read the full story Posted: Mar 28,2024

Pacific Basin announces the use of graphene-based propeller coating

Hong Kong-based Pacific Basin, one of the world's leading owners and operators of dry bulk ships, has decided to apply a graphene-based propeller coating, XGIT-PROP, across its entire fleet. 

The biocide-free hard foul release coating, developed by Canadian company GIT Coatings, has demonstrated the potential to enhance vessel performance by up to 4%, the two companies stated in a release citing data from earlier tests carried out by Stolt Tankers.

Read the full story Posted: Mar 27,2024

Versarien signs South American Graphinks agreements with Montana Química

Versarien has announced that it has, in line with its stated strategy to monetize intellectual property through licensing, entered into a manufacturing license agreement and a know-how license and technical assistance agreement with Montana Química ("Montana"). Montana is a Brazilian headquartered multinational business focused on the production and sale of paints, wood preservatives and other wood finishing products including stains and varnishes. The agreements cover the use of the Company's proprietary graphene and related material dispersions and formulations (Graphinks™) in products to be manufactured and sold by Montana in South America, together with Versarien providing further additional know-how, technical assistance and training to Montana.

Under the terms of these agreements, Versarien has granted a license to Montana, for an initial period of five years, to use certain intellectual property and know-how owned by the Company in their business in South America. Montana will pay Versarien initial fees of £50,000 in March 2024 in consideration of the know-how and technical assistance, including training, to be provided. Once Montana commences manufacturing under the agreement, a further payment of £25,000 will be due to the Company, together with an amount equal to 5% of the total sales revenue earned from products manufactured using Versarien's intellectual property and know-how, subject to minimum royalty payments of £25,000 per annum.

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Directa Plus and Chronos Corps launch high-tech bag with graphene and fingerprint opening

Directa Plus and Chronos Corps have launched a high-tech bag with graphene and fingerprint opening.  

Launched just in time for Fashion Week, this collaboration blends fashion and technology, showcasing the versatility of Directa Plus materials. Crafted with Coating G+®, a special water-based coating enriched with Graphene Plus, this bag not only boasts a sleek design but also offers unmatched functionality, including antimicrobial protection (antibacterial and antiviral), UV resistance, abrasion resistance, antistatic properties and thermal conductivity. It also has advanced fingerprint recognition for secure access.

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