Graphjet Technology begins trading on Nasdaq

Graphjet Technology has announced it will begin trading on Nasdaq under the ticker symbol “GTI". Graphjet Technology, developer of patented technologies to produce graphite and graphene directly from agricultural waste, and Energem Corp. (Nasdaq: ENCP, ENCPW), have closed a business combination that "creates the only pure-play publicly traded direct biomass-to-graphite company.

Graphjet has raised $5.8 million through the transaction and anticipates that additional fundraising will be necessary to accelerate its growth strategy and expand its manufacturing capacity. These funds will enhance the Company’s financial flexibility as well as its ability to capitalize on organic and inorganic growth opportunities.


Lee Ping Wei (Aiden Lee), Graphjet’s CEO, said: “With China dominating more than 97% of all graphite production, we look forward to becoming the leading supplier to the U.S. market to support its burgeoning battery storage and EV industries. Our patented technologies are capable of producing graphite and graphene directly from agricultural waste, which fills a critical supply need for these highly strategic materials, as demand is expected to continue to accelerate over the next several years. Compared to incumbent players, Graphjet’s proven, commercial and patented vertically integrated technologies and process cuts the carbon footprint by 83% while reducing costs by 80%. We are poised to pursue high-value applications for our technologies across a multitude of sectors that can leverage our sustainably produced graphite and graphene from biomass waste to help create a more circular economy.”

“On the heels of China’s decision to restrict exports on graphite, we continue to engage in advanced conversations with customers. Further, based on our optimism about market demand, we continue to explore opportunities to deploy our technology, at scale, in North America.”

Swee Guan Hoo, CEO and Director of Energem, said: "As we noted when the transaction was announced, Graphjet not only produces high-demand materials in a growing market, but does so by utilizing a commonly available waste product in Malaysia... We are excited that Graphjet and its team have reached this stage and believe they are ready to accelerate their market position as a public company.”

Doris Wong Sing EE, Executive Director of Energem Corp, added: "Graphene and its applied products exhibit tremendous application potential in biomedical technologies, energy storage, composites and coatings, and water and wastewater treatment industries... We believe Graphjet’s breakthrough patented technology that transforms a renewable waste product to the highly valued artificial graphene and artificial graphite will allow Graphjet deliver shareholder value, and we are looking forward to seeing what they can accomplish in this new phase of the company’s existence.”

Posted: Mar 16,2024 by Roni Peleg