Graphene Metrology Service

Graphene-Info has teamed up with world renowned laboratories to offer a unique graphene metrology service that provides characterization and analysis on graphene materials.

Dozens of companies are producing various types of graphene materials, which causes much diversification and confusion. Our metrology service offers graphene producers the chance to obtain valuable test results and post-testing analysis and interpretation, that assist in proving viability and quality of production. In addition, displaying critical data to customers like the material characteristics and potential applications is key to successful marketing and sales activities.

A high-end metrology-based technical data sheet is a great boon to any company's marketing materials.

Graphene-Info, together with our world-class global lab partners, offers off-the-shelf testing plans via a simple process, which can be customized for various budgets and needs, In addition, other added-value services like data analysis reports and graphene market insights are available.

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