Solidion plans to expand production capacity of silicon-rich graphene composite materials

Solidion Technology, an advanced battery technology solutions provider, has announced its plan to begin expanding the production capacity of silicon-rich graphene composite materials in early 2025.

The amount of energy that a lithium-ion battery can supply to an electric vehicle (EV) is limited by the amount of charges stored in its anode and cathode materials. Although graphite has been the preferred anode material during the past 30 years, silicon oxide (SiOx) and silicon (Si) are two evolving anode materials capable of improving the energy density of EV batteries and extending the EV range by 20-40%. However, the higher-capacity gain of both silicon and silicon oxide is limited by the technical issue of large volume change-induced rapid capacity decay and processing difficulty. Solidion has targeted this technical obstacle and has established a Dayton, Ohio-based facility for manufacturing silicon oxide (SiOx) and silicon (Si). The Solidion team is ready to expand the production capacity for these two types of high-capacity anode materials.


Industry-leading EV OEMs have reportedly concluded that silicon and silicon oxide anodes are required to drive EV battery technology to lower cost and provide higher energy density, significantly extending the EV driving range. Solidion’s Si anodes can deliver this technology as a drop-in solution. 

Solidion has developed anode materials which aim to fulfill requirements for next-generation EV batteries as specified by the industry. The Company seeks to establish partnerships for expanding manufacturing capacity of its advanced anode materials.

Posted: Jun 27,2024 by Roni Peleg