Applied Graphene Materials and JBL both start commercial sale of graphene-enhanced primers

Applied Graphene Materials has announced its that graphene primer product is now on sale at Halfords, the UK's leading retailer of motoring, cycling and leisure products and services.

AGM and James Briggs sart sale of graphene primers image

James Briggs (JBL) has also launched its Hycote graphene anti-corrosion primer, developed in collaboration with AGM, for sale on Amazon, and through Tetrosyl Express, the largest supplier of car care, parts and accessories in the UK.

XG Sciences and Terrafilum collaborate to develop graphene-enhanced 3D printing filament

XG Sciences 2019 logo imageXG Sciences, designer and manufacturer of graphene nanoplatelets and advanced materials containing graphene nanoplatelets, and Terrafilum, an eco-friendly, high quality filament producer for the 3D printing industry, announced a joint development agreement to develop, produce and market 3D printing filaments and coatings using graphene-based materials.

Chris Jackson, President of Terrafilum, points out, "The full potential for 3D printing is starting to be unlocked. The addition of XG's graphene formulations into our eco-friendly filaments will transform products allowing a greater variety of parts to be created at faster production rates using less energy."

University of Nebraska Lincoln receives $4.5 million from Department of Defense for graphene research

The University of Nebraska Lincoln has partnered with the Department of Defense and received a $4.5 million, 3-year grant for graphene research. The University was one of several institutions chosen, and the only institution to lead the research effort.

After 8 years of research, the research team at Nebraska said this grant is pushing them one step closer to creating graphene technology. "This research actually has many practical applications, so we expect the structures we are making can be used in various electronic devices or electronic circuits," said Alex Sinitskii, an associate professor of Chemistry at the University.

IIT Madras team shows simple technique to produce graphene platelets

Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM) recently stated that its researchers have shown a simple route to producing graphene platelets from graphite.

“They have found that when graphite is suspended in an appropriate fluid and subjected to intense shearing force of machining, the layers of graphite separate into graphene platelets,” a statement from IITM said.

Talga and BillerudKorsnäs sign agreement for graphene-enhanced packaging products

Talga Resources logo 2017Talga Resources has executed a Joint Development Agreement (JDA) with BillerudKorsnäs, a Swedish multinational packaging company.

The JDA reportedly results from successful test work completed under the Letter of Intent, signed by the parties in August 2018, regarding Talga’s functionalized graphene product, Talphene, used in BillerudKorsnäs fiber and board packaging products.

2D Fab collaborates with SAAB and Blackwing to develop graphene-enhanced components for the aviation industry

2D Fab AB logo2D fab, together with SAAB and Blackwing Sweden, developed new graphene-enhanced components for the aviation industry that offer increased lightning strike protection and strength.

The project, called Multigraph, was launched in 2017 with the mission to create better components for the aviation industry. The aim was to use graphene’s multifunctional properties to increase the mechanical strength and electrical conductivity of the materials used, the latter reducing the amount of maintenance required due to lightning strikes.

The Graphene Market Research Tipping Point: A Discussion With The IDTechEx Research Director, Dr Khasha Ghaffarzadeh

This is a sponsored article by IDTechEx

People often talk about the killer application for graphene. Has one yet been found?

A killer application is one that has a large market and is uniquely enabled by that technology. Some technologies can become commercially successful over time without requiring a so-called killer application - and I believe this is the case for graphene.

In fact, one point of strength for graphene is that it has such a diverse and deep application pipeline. The image below demonstrates this. The image shows that (a) some applications beyond R&D are already in the early phases of commercialization, (b) that many other applications are close to commercialization, and (c) that the application pipeline is deep. Of course, graphene cannot be expected to succeed in all of these applications, but equally it is unlikely to fail in all. As such, this diversity will give, on the aggregate, a strong long-term resilience to the market.

Versarien - Think you know graphene? Think again! Versarien - Think you know graphene? Think again!