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Graphene is the strongest, thinnest and most conductive material known to man. With such remarkable properties, it is no wonder that graphene enables exciting new applications in electronics, energy, medicine, aerospace and many more markets.

Recent graphene News

Researchers design graphene-based thermal regulator that enable safer lithium-ion batteries

Researchers at Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University and Zhejiang Sanhua Intelligent Controls Co., have designed a graphene-based thermal-switching material for improving the safety of lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) by making sure that they can safely operate at different temperatures and do not explode when overheated.

a) Thermal-switching mechanism of the TSM. b) The self-assembly process through freeze-casting of 2D-flake–microsphere suspensions to form an alternating multilayer scaffold together with polymer infiltration. Image credit: Nature Energy

A general approach to improving the safety of LIBs is using thermal-conducting interlayers, materials designed to even out the temperature between a battery's modules, bringing it to between 15 to 45 °C. To ensure that a high-capacity LIB is safe, these materials should be highly thermally insulating, thus preventing the propagation of heat, while also ensuring that temperature is uniformly distributed in the battery. The research team's newly developed thermal-switching material meets both criteria, and can effectively regulate the temperature in high-capacity batteries. This material rapidly responds to temperature, enabling the safe cycling of batteries in varying operating conditions.

Read the full story Posted: Jun 22,2024

Researchers develop soft robotic gripper using graphene and liquid crystals

Researchers at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) have designed a soft robotic "hand" made from liquid crystals (LCs) and graphene, that could be used to design future surgical robots. 

One of the issues that need to be addressed before such robots can be used in operating rooms is to figure out how to precisely control and move these deformable robots. Also, many current soft robots contain metals, which means that their use in water-rich environments—like the human body—is rather limited.

Read the full story Posted: Jun 22,2024

Researchers' new approach could boost graphene’s energy and computing prospects

Researchers at the National Graphene Institute and their collaborators have gained understanding into how electric field effects can selectively accelerate coupled electrochemical processes in graphene. Electrochemical processes are essential in renewable energy technologies like batteries, fuel cells, and electrolysers. However, their efficiency is often hindered by slow reactions and unwanted side effects. Traditional approaches have focused on new materials, yet significant challenges remain.

The Manchester team, led by Dr. Marcelo Lozada-Hidalgo, has taken a novel approach. They have successfully decoupled the inseparable link between charge and electric field within graphene electrodes, enabling unprecedented control over electrochemical processes in this material. The breakthrough challenges previous assumptions and opens new avenues for energy technologies.

Read the full story Posted: Jun 21,2024

Black Swan Graphene partners with Graphene Composites on graphene-enhanced ballistic protection technology

Black Swan Graphene has announced it has entered into a commercial partnership with Graphene Composites (GC). The Companies will aim to incorporate Black Swan's graphene in the fabrication of GC Shield, a patented ballistic protection technology ("GC Shields"). 

The Company highlighted that GC Shields, with its patented graphene-aerogel composite, have unique force dispersion capabilities which protect users from multiple shots, stacked rounds, and edge impacts while maintaining minimum back face deformation. They are among the strongest, lightest, and most resilient ballistic shields on the market for the law enforcement and defense sectors, according to Black Swan.

Read the full story Posted: Jun 21,2024

Sparc Technologies and 29Metals to test Sparc's Ecosparc graphene coatings

Sparc Technologies has announced the execution of a binding agreement (Trial Agreement) with Golden Grove Operations, a wholly owned subsidiary of 29Metals, an Australian miner of base and precious metals.

The Trial Agreement details the terms and conditions under which Sparc and 29Metals will conduct a collaborative field trial involving the application of an ecosparc-enhanced coating on steel processing plant infrastructure at the Golden Grove mine site in Western Australia. Ecosparc is the Company's flagship graphene based additive product.

Read the full story Posted: Jun 20,2024

Avanzare and Tecnalia collaborate on the European Sunshine project to develop pioneering Safe and Sustainable by Design (SSbD) strategies for graphene production

Avanzare and Tecnalia are working together to develop a digital twin comprising various sensors installed along an extraction cabin, aimed at mitigating operator exposure to graphene particles. The goal is to develop risk control strategies in industrial processes, optimizing sensor use to reduce energy consumption and maintain a particle-free environment, thus minimizing energy use.

These sensors gather data on nanoparticle presence in the environment within one of the cabins used in graphene materials production and transmit it to a server, where it is depicted in graphs. This visual representation allows for monitoring nanoparticle concentration and preventing their presence in the environment. Depending on extraction regulation, particles can be effectively removed; without extraction, nanoparticles accumulate, posing health risks to operators. Thus, these sensors enable monitoring of nanoparticle exposure. If concentrations become too high, activating extraction systems ensures a safe environment. The system also predicts accidental emissions to prevent them.

Read the full story Posted: Jun 20,2024

Rimere's graphene to be tested in Holliday Rock's concrete

Rimere, a climate solutions company with proprietary plasma technology, and Holliday Rock, a leading producer of concrete and asphalt in California, have announced a new co-development agreement for Rimere’s graphene to be tested in Holliday Rock’s concrete applications.

The development and testing partnership will see Rimere's graphene tested in Holliday Rock’s concrete for potential incorporation into production. The trial is structured to determine the significance the combination has to enhance concrete’s properties in terms of strength, elasticity, shrinkage, shielding, durability, and penetration.

Read the full story Posted: Jun 19,2024