Graphene is a one-atom-thick sheet of carbon atoms arranged in a honeycomb-like pattern. Graphene is considered to be the world's thinnest, strongest and most conductive material - to both electricity and heat. All this properties are exciting researchers and businesses around the world - as graphene has the potential the revolutionize entire industries - in the fields of electricity, conductivity, energy generation, batteries, sensors and more.

Mechanical strength

Graphene is the world's strongest material, and so can be used to enhance the strength of other materials. Dozens of researches have demonstrated that adding even a trade amount of graphene to plastics, metals or other materials can make these materials much stronger - or lighter (as you can use less amount of material to achieve the same strength).

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Such graphene-enhanced composite materials can find uses in aerospace, building materials, mobile devices, and many other applications.

Thermal applications

Graphene is the world's most conductive material to heat. As graphene is also strong and light, it means that it is a great material to make heat-spreading solutions, such as heat sinks. This could be useful in both microelectronics (for example to make LED lighting more efficient and longer lasting) and also in larger applications - for example thermal foils for mobile devices.


Energy storage

Because graphene is the world's thinnest material, it is also the material with the highest surface-area to volume ratio. This makes graphene a very promising material to be used in batteries and supercapacitors. Graphene may enable devices that can store more energy - and charge faster, too. Graphene can also be used to enhance fuel-cells.

Coatings ,sensors, electronics and more

Graphene has a lot of other promising applications: anti-corrosion coatings and paints, efficient and precise sensors, faster and efficient electronics, flexible displays, efficient solar panels, faster DNA sequencing, drug delivery, and more.

Graphene is such a great and basic building block that it seems that any industry can benefit from this new material. Time will tell where graphene will indeed make an impact - or whether other new materials will be more suitable.

Latest graphene application news

New graphene-based flame retardant fabric unveiled in China

Oct 16, 2017

The China-based Shanghai Kyorene New Material Technology recently unveiled a graphene-based flame-retardant fabric during the Textile & Yarn Expo in Shanghai.

The fabric seems to be extremely resistant to flames, and no damage appears even when it is directly touched with a burning lighter. It is also said to posses anti ultra-violet and anti-static properties. It can be used for firefighting purposes as well as furniture and other domestic uses.

Swansea University team wins Award for graphene-based ovarian cancer diagnostic test

Oct 14, 2017

An international research team at Swansea University in the UK recently received an international award for developing a graphene biosensor-based diagnostic test for ovarian cancer that is said to offer quicker and more accurate results in a less expensive, as well as portable way.

The team received the i3S-Hovione Capital Health Innovation Prize, an international award aimed at distinguishing innovative ideas in the health sector, for developing a device — called ‘MagCyte’ — that can diagnose ovarian cancer in a couple of minutes using only a single drop of blood. The portable technology is different from the tests currently used in hospitals and allows for increased flexibility when monitoring patients, even if they have already been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. According to the development team, the innovative technology allows for the diagnosis of ovarian cancer up to four years before it can be diagnosed through the technology currently available.

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Dotz Nano enters MoU with Colorplastic to develop GQDs-enhanced polymers and surface modificants

Oct 12, 2017

Dotz Nano, a nano-technology company focusing on the development, manufacture, and commercialization of graphene quantum dots (GQDs), recently announced the signing of a non-binding and non-exclusive MoU with Colorplastic, a polymer compounder located in Switzerland for the implementation of GQDs into the polymer and surface modificant market. The GQDs would be used in automotive plastics and anti-counterfeiting/brand protection applications.

The MoU calls for a 6-month pilot project in which GQDs will be supplied by Dotz to Colorplastic for integration into their products for use in the polymers and surface treatment being commercialized by Colorplastic for use by OEMs. The scope of the pilot is to be defined by the parties, but is to cover the technological development and adaptation of GQDs to Colorplastic's products, including production runs for validating commercial scale. The pilot can be extended an additional 3-months by mutual agreement if needed.

Talga reports progress in graphene-enhanced batteries project

Oct 12, 2017

Talga Resources recently provided an update on its UK battery development programs in Warwick Manufacturing Group’s Energy Innovation Centre and at Talga’s Cambridge product development labs. Talga has reportedly received highly encouraging results from 1,200 hours of testwork on a new Li-ion battery anode formulation that combines both its micrographite and GNP materials.

Talga's graphene batteries image

The anode exhibited outstanding electrochemical performance across a range of key industry measures, including reversible capacity of ~420mAh/g over a 100 cycle average with a retention of 99.5% and coulombic efficiency of 99.9%. The capacity measure reflects a ~20% increase in capacity performance compared to commercially available graphite anodes (usually around 330mAh/g). This is significant as increased battery energy density translates into increased range for electric cars and more usage time for a mobile device.

CKCOM launched a crowdfunding campaign for graphene-enhanced wireless earbuds

Oct 11, 2017

China-based manufacturer CKCOM has launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for Alien Earbuds, offering an affordable but high quality alternative to more expensive true wireless earbuds on the market. Alien earbuds feature graphene-enhanced drivers, 4.5-hour playtime, built-in mic for hands-free calling, and multi-touch button for important gestures, and more. The campaign has already reached $15,498 USD at the time of writing, which stand for 77% of the $20,000 (flexible) goal, with a month left to go.

Graphene-enhanced Alien earbuds image

According to the company, the graphene drivers are "lightweight yet sturdy enough to conduct clear highs, crisp mids, and resonant bass". Graphene prevents unwanted sound distortions that come with standard audio drivers. CKCOM defines the Alien earbuds as "the first pair of true wireless earbuds that offer premium features at the lowest price on the market. Alien Earbuds have all of the bases covered: they're perfect for exercising, traveling, and working out".

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